Why-Teens-More-Likely-Try Illegal-Drugs-in the-Summer

Why Teens More Likely Try Illegal Drugs in the Summer

Teens and adults may be more likely to try illegal or recreational drugs for the first time over the summer than at other times of year, a new study suggests. Overall, 31% of youth and adults who use cannabis tried the drug for the first time during the summer months, the study found. Summer was also the starting season of choice for 28% of cocaine users, 34% of LSD users, and 30% of people who used ecstasy, also called MDMA or Molly.

The researchers hypothesized that the uptick in drug initiation during the summer months may be due, in part, to people having more leisure time during the summer. Outdoor social activities, such as musical festivals, are more common in the summer and may increase a person’s chances of exposure to drugs or the individual’s willingness to use them, the authors wrote in the study.

“Parents and educators who are concerned about their kids need to educate them year-round about potential risks associated with drug use, but special emphasis appears to be needed before or during summer months, when rates of initiation increase,” study senior author Joseph Palamar, an associate professor in the Department of Population Health at the New York University School of Medicine, said in a statement.

People who do decide to use illegal or recreational drugs for the first time should educate themselves about the drugs’ side effects, Palamar said. He also recommended having the company of trusted friends when using a drug for the first time and making sure to drink enough fluids and get enough rest to avoid dehydration, exhaustion and heat stroke.

More research is needed to determine why summer is a risk factor for drug initiation, as well as the particular situations that lead people to use drugs for the first time, the authors said.

The main reasons for teens using marijuana

1. Want to know what it is like

Most of the teens would have heard about the high that the pot gives from their friends, online resources and even from adults. There is always a curiosity and a tendency among the teens to try anything out when they hear good things about it. This is a part of any teen’s experience. The curiosity about marijuana can sometimes ruin their lives. There is a belief among teens that they are invincible and nothing bad can happen to them. This is a very wrong notion and they need to understand that smoking the marijuana will affect the development of their brain. It will cause a lot of mental illness and issues in teens and will ruin their normal way of life. It is very important that the teens get to know more about the negative impacts that smoking pot would cause to their normal life. If this is being told to them in a nice and proper way, there is no doubt that the number of teens consuming marijuana will reduce substantially.

2. What is wrong in doing it when everyone else is at it?

A survey conducted by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Attitude Tracking on teenagers asking them about why they use marijuana has resulted in 29% teens saying that they have tried it because their friends have used it. There is no doubt that friends influence a teenager more than anybody else. The friends of the teens play a massive role in what the teens would like to use. It is the friends and mates’ suggestions that the teens take for granted more than their parents. Teenagers love to be accepted by everyone and also love to be liked by their peers. The friend’s influence in their lives can make the teens head the wrong way easily and make poor decisions in life.

3. Smoking when the mood is off

According to an article published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, one-third of the teenagers have said that they smoke marijuana so that they can get high and get rid of the boredom in their lives. This is not a healthy pastime and can ruin the life of a teenager. It is important to talk the teen through it and educate him or her about the ill effects of these BC bud. There are other options like martial arts, yoga, sports, musical instruments, etc., where the teen’s mind should be diverted to in order to throw away the boredom of their lives.

4. Marijuana offers a better feeling

Teens always look for escape routes to stay away from their day to day problems. This is when they try out marijuana to get high and to leave the worries behind them. This drug is known to treat the pain and the emotions that anyone is going through. One out of five teens has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and a third of them have shown depression signs. The teens use the drugs to reduce the pain and mental illness they are suffering from. But, these drugs actually intensify their depression and other health issue symptoms.

3. The feeling of getting high makes them feel good

There are many teens who love using marijuana to get high as it is an out of the world experience. They do not realize that this fun of getting high comes with many side effects. The online details about marijuana do not show how dangerous it could be. The teens using marijuana can see adverse effects on their coordination and balance, decision-making skills, memory power, learning ability, attentiveness, and judgment. Apart from these, the regular smoking of marijuana also causes a lot of other health-related problems like a racing heartbeat, anxiety, anger, depression, loss of sleep, etc. The marijuana is an addicting drug and hence the teens must be exposed to the serious side effects and the issues that pot smoking could cause for them.

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