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Zeppelin Metal One Hitter

(3 customer reviews)

$5 - $6

Large: 4″ – Small: 3″
*Please clean pipe before use*

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Large: 4″ – Small: 3″

Zeppelin Pipes are a great discreet, on-the-go smoking device. Each Zeppelin is 2 pieces, the bowl and mouthpiece, and unscrews in the middle for easy packing and cleaning. Zeppelins are a favourite because of their ease of use and ability to be always ready to go. No need to pack up before you smoke, just pack it once, hit it, and throw it back in your pocket for later. Zeppelin pipes also cause less smoke to escape and prevent more smell from being given off.
*Please clean pipe before use*

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3 reviews for Zeppelin Metal One Hitter

  1. Weinerannawayz

    works great

  2. Waze

    This is a good pipe for 6$, but the large one has a hard time keeping the ashes out of my mouth

  3. MagikWeed

    My first one hitter. I usually smoke with a pipe. I like this way to smoke and my one hitter is easier to clean than a pipe.

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