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Smoke Pot Canada

Smoke Pot Canada

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As cannabis becomes legalized in Canada, vaporizers are gaining popularity in the smoking community. We realize that this website should technically be called “Vape Pot Canada”, but we felt that we wanted to convert current smokers to vaporizers. So we ended up building a site for both smokers and current vapers.

We felt that a lot of people are looking for a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of marijuana. Vaporizers offered the perfect solution as they are portable and hide the smell usually generated be smoking traditional joints. Now you can walk around in public without receiving those embarrassing stares and giggles. As occasional smokers, we also enjoyed the smoother vapor inhale versus the throat irritating smoke caused by burning the weed.

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Great Service, great prices

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Just picked up a Pax 3 from these guys. Got it in 3days. It works like a charm. Their customer care gave some great advice .
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