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Weedom Botanics

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Ships From: British Columbia

Free Shipping: $100+

Weedom Botanics is Canada’s best online dispensary, specializing in premium, rare and exclusive strains. Good seeds are like rare treasures, so when growers come across something special it’s often hard to find these gems in dispensaries.

Our online-only presence allows us to operate at the lowest cost so we can provide you with the lowest prices without sacrificing quality. We use the best botanics using the power of plants and quality suppliers. Even though we are online, we maintain a strong emphasis on customer service and user experience.

Our online customer service representatives are available to help answer any questions you may have on our products. We ship all our orders in discreet packaging through Canada Post and provide tracking numbers so you can ensure your products arrive on time.

Passionate about delivering high quality products for the lowest prices. Specializing in exclusive strains, the rarity of their products is what they sets apart.

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