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A beautifully balanced cross of Cagg OG and (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk), Sunkiss CBD contains roughly equal amounts of THC and CBD. Cerebrally stimulating without causing anxiety, this strain is ideal for relief from pain and inflammation, stress/PTSD, and can provide mood enhancement, alleviating depression in the right dosages. The inhale is smooth, with a unique flavour that tastes of sour citrus and pine. An uplifting experience that has some creep to it, but also maintains a long-lasting physical presence.


This stock of Sunkiss CBD is of high quality. The bud structure is slightly loose as you would expect with a sativa dominant hybrid but the buds have an abundant covering of trichomes and are very tacky. The nose, flavour and effects are incredible. Everyone who has tried the Sunkiss CBD strain will find this stock to be of great quality!

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