Romulan 2.0 – Indica

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3 reviews for Romulan 2.0 – Indica

  1. Paulcl

    Smoothness- 5/5 (Very Smooth)

    High 5/5 (Nice chill high. Pretty intense. Probably wanna smoke at night due to the sedative effect)

    Smell/Taste – 3/5 (smells like Jamaican sess. Tastes neutral )

    Value 5/5

    Overall 4/5

    The only thing preventing this from being AA/AAA is that it is dry and smells like sess (was cured in a dry environment). You cant go wrong buying this bud at this price!

  2. Anarine34

    I’ve so far tried all of the budget strains available and I have to say this was by far my favorite, the high was nice and relaxing and Its perfect for night use

  3. Rowettchad

    Strong Musky smell and dense fresh buds, would recommend to anyone, absolutely a steal for the price, will be back again 🙂

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