Purple Rhino AAA (Indica)

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Effects: relaxation, euphoric mood, increased appetite, uplifted mindset, tingly, sedation, sleepiness, dry eyes, dry mouth

May Relieve: anxiety, depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea

Purple Rhino is an indica-heavy hybrid marijuana strain with a 70% indica leaning. Created by crossing Mendocino Purps with White Rhino, this bud comes with nice levels of THC, ranging between 17% and 20%. Moreover, Purple Rhino features around 1% of CBD content on average. This hybrid has inherited its amazing set of effects from its top-notch parentage, offering an excellent skunky bud that perfectly serves as both recreational and medical marijuana strain.

This indica-dominant hybrid grows big and noticeably purple buds with beautiful light green hues. Nicely coated with orange and amber pistils, Purple Rhino comes with a heavy coat of trichomes, which can promise you the best smoking experience. All in all, the purple hues of this amazing bud make Purple Rhino a truly sophisticated marijuana strain.

The Purple Rhino marijuana strain smells fruity and sweet with some berry and lemon hints. Some people describe this smell as similar to a grape juice or turpentine, as you can also detect some accents of fuel and skunk. As for the flavor, Purple Rhino tastes like sugary grape combined with sweet fresh pine with a delicate berry and nutty hints. On the exhale, you can detect a touch of skunkiness with some tropical flavors that will stay on your tongue long after smoking this bud.

Purple Rhino offers a nice set of effects that combine both calming and cerebral type of high. Although it comes with a 70% indica leaning, this hybrid can be used both in the morning and in the nighttime, as it doesn’t cause a strong couch-lock effect. However, Purple Rhino can induce an utterly pleasant body melt experience. When smoking this indica-dominant hybrid, you will feel very much uplifted right away from the first puff. Purple Rhino will put you in a dreamlike, hazy state, with nothing but positive mindset in your head. This state of mind can actually last for hours even if other effects of smoking weed fade.

Although this strain is usually more recommended for recreational use, it also comes with several medical applications. Medical marijuana users can use the Purple Rhino strain to ease moderate symptoms of conditions like depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Because the hybrid strongly induces munchies, it may also help improve appetite and ease nausea. Moreover, the Purple Rhino cannabis strain makes users more relaxed and calm, while relieving pain, helping them drift off to sleep with ease. What’s great about this hybrid is that the effects come within a few minutes and the high lasts for a couple of hours, alleviating anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts.

As any other potent strain, Purple Rhino may cause some adverse reactions. However, these can be easily reduced once you gain some experience and find the right dosage for your needs. This indica-heavy hybrid can leave you with dry and irritable eyes. Due to the feeling of being dehydrated, Purple Rhino can also give you cottonmouth.

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