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2 grams = $20
1/4 Oz = $70
1/2 Oz = $135
1 Oz = $230
1/4 lb = $675
1/2 lb = $1,200
1 lb = $2,350

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Bud Size: Medium – Small 
Texture: Sticky – Gooey
Flavours: Pungent / Sweet / Piney


If you like kush, you’ll love Lindsday OG. This strain won best Indica in Canada at the 2015 Karma Cup, so you know you’re getting AAAA. The bud is extremely tight and bright traffic light green, with silver frosted tips. The smell is soft, slightly pungent and reminiscent of distant fruit trees. It burns quick and tastes slightly savory, with undertones of plum. The more you smoke, the more the sweet tartness comes to the foreground. Your joints will taste delicious even when you get to the roach phase.

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