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Our House blend is just that a house blend, it smokes nice and clean. It may not look it’s best but for the price, you can’t go wrong.

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3 reviews for House

  1. Pot

    All great here super quality weed at awesome price 2 days delivery near quebec.great buds great taste super smell awrsome look so like i said its all great.20% to 24% i smoke 5 to 7 grams per day and that weed give me a super great buzz.i recommand to anybody who love great smoke.thank you wellevate for that great buy

  2. skorbos

    Damn why you downgrade the quality of your house blend to a simple A!?

    This stuff is killing it. Taste absolutely amazing, but may be a little dry but still a bit sticky and the smell wow!!!

    Please upgrade it to AAA as it deserves it! Or ar least AA+ because A for this is just ridiculous!

    Good work guys and thanks for the cheap price, im buying another one right now haha

  3. OPMs2

    Lasting high, good buds, good taste.

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