Glasscity Dichroic Wig Wag Sherlock Pipe

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Add some color to your glass collection

  • Made from quality borosilicate glass
  • Dichroic Wig wag pattern
  • Glass marbles throughout
  • Spacious bowl
  • Use with metal screen
  • Glass feet on the bottom
  • Carb hole on the left side of the bowl
  • Colors and patterns may vary slightly from photo


Glasscity Dichroic Wig Wag Sherlock Pipe

Add a bit of color to your glass collection for an affordable price rate with this stunning handheld Sherlock Pipe from the Glasscity collection. The Wig Wag a.k.a reversal pattern throughout the piece makes it a real eye-catcher. The pattern not only features all the colors of the rainbow, but also has a beautiful, sparkling black dichroic stripe running along the entire wig wag pattern for an even more extraordinary appearance.

Its portable design makes it perfect to pack in your bag or purse while you are out and about. To use the pipe, simply load the bowl with your favorite herbs and fire it up for a quick, hassle free hit! We recommend placing a metal screen in the bowl to prevent unwanted ash or herb crumbs from traveling down the pipe.

The glass feet on this Sherlock pipe allow you to place it down on a flat surface for loading, without the risk of it tipping over and breaking. The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl and glass marbles are placed throughout the Sherlock pipe, which not only provides you with a better grip, but they look amazing as well.

This colorful Glasscity Sherlock pipe with its colorful details and sparkly dichroic stripe will make a great addition to any glass collection. It will last for years if maintained correctly. Because each piece is handmade, the pattern might vary slightly from the pictures, but the overall design will be the same.

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3 reviews for Glasscity Dichroic Wig Wag Sherlock Pipe

  1. Fred T.

    Service was great

  2. William H.

    Very Cool
    This is one cool pipe. Nice design and choice of colors. Not the easiest to clean but that’s not that big a deal right now. Nice conversation piece as are my other pipes that I’ve purchased from you guys.

  3. Jeffrey T.

    very hard to clean

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