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Elevate Starter Vape Kit


Includes: OHM Limited Warranty

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*Note: The OHM Elevate Cartridges have a standard 510 thread and are ONLY compatible with our OHM Elevate Collection. Do not confuse with our OHM Original Collection.

Hello ELEVATE series – a high-quality way to elevate your vape experience! Keep your battery charged with its USB adapter and always be ready to use with your OHM Cartridges at any time. The standard 510 thread makes these cartridges compatible with everything from our Elevate collection.

With the OHM Elevate Starter Vape Kit, you can choose one Elevate cartridge.


  • 1 OHM Cartridge
  • 1 OHM Cartridge Battery
  • USB Charging Adapter
  • How To Use Button Activated OHM Elevate Battery

How to Use
Press the battery button three times to turn on. Hold down the button while you draw for 2-3 seconds, hold the vape in for 3-5 seconds, then exhale. Press the battery button three times to turn off.

It is important to only hold the button down while drawing or you could burn the wick. You will not want your battery to get accidentally pressed, therefore make sure you turn it off after use.

Hardware and Capacity

  • Optimal vaporization temperature
  • Standard 510 thread
  • OHM Cartridge volume: 0.4 ml
  • Number of puffs/pulls (2 sec each): ~100 – 125 per cartridge
  • Button activated cartridge
  • OHM Elevate Cartridge composition: Glass oil chamber, the wick is made of organic cotton, nickel-chrome coil
  • OHM Elevate Cartridge Battery capacity: 100 mAh
  • Specifically designed for cannabis oil
  • Rigorously tested for quality control
  • Made from recyclable materials

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