Double Chocolate Cookie 30mg THC (Baked Edibles)

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Chocolate cookie, what’s better then that? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate, blended with love into a Double Chocolate Cookie. Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effects. Enjoy your medication in the form of a delicious chocolate cookie.

30mg THC per Cookie. Cannabis flavour strength -1/10

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Double Chocolate Cookie 30mg THC (Baked Edibles)

Chocolate cookie, what’s better then that? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate, blended with love into a Double Chocolate Cookie. Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effects. Enjoy your medication in the form of a delicious chocolate cookie.

30mg THC per Cookie. Cannabis flavour strength -1/10

Shelf Life: 30 days before freezing


Brown Sugar, Flour, Dark Chocolate Chips, Unsalted Butter, Dark Chocolate (unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour), Eggs, Cocoa Powder, Glucose, Vanilla Extract, Cannabis Thc Extract, Baking Soda, Salt


Start slow and steady with edibles, effects may feel delayed.

59 reviews for Double Chocolate Cookie 30mg THC (Baked Edibles)

  1. librameehan82

    Super yummy and a fun buzz. I’ll definitely be ordering more when re-stocked!

  2. browneyednerd

    Great taste, not too weedy and very chocolatey. Ate half the cookie on an empty stomach and had an awesome high with a boost in energy. Very affordable and will order again.

  3. amiraultcourtney

    Tastes great, very moist and a huge hit of chocolate. Not especially green-tasting. It’s a weak dosage for me, but great for someone with a lower tolerance. It helped lift my buzz into the stratosphere and allowed it to hang around for a couple hours longer than usual. Recommend.

  4. nimschu1

    Hmm… chocolate 🍫

  5. BrockStar

    Taste just like regular cookies. No green taste at all.

  6. cjohnstoni

    Tastes great with not much of a green flavour. It is a good buzz that tends to hang around for quite a long time, One of those buzz’s that hours later you realize “Wow I’m kinda wrecked here”. Great for working outside.

  7. ambertlisa1

    Taste amazing, I ate it on a empty stomach and super super high

  8. browneyednerd

    When eaten on an empty stomach I found it quite strong, esp for 30mg. A bit crumbly but whatever, and great chocolatey taste. Perfect for movie watching. Def buy again.

  9. Universalshaman

    Crumbly, be careful when you eat it, but a good good thing for somebody who wants to get hit but not too hard.

  10. jessiesibeon

    Crumb city! Cookies taste good but crumble quite a bit. Would prefer higher dose. Good for a beginner.

  11. maude267267

    Loved the taste of these. My fav cookie . Mild high..

  12. julian55

    Gave me a great happy and controllable high and while they were a bit crumbly they sure did have a great taste.

  13. taylorhermanus01

    was really crumably. taste ok.

  14. davidjharned

    I prefer the oatmeal chocolate cookies to these but they are decent high.

  15. littleracer0091

    These were amazing cookies they tasted so great! Hardly any weed taste I couldn’t notice the high though

  16. Rskelly83

    These guys make the best edibles. Great flavour. Low dose which is always appreciated.

  17. Tehonieien

    Shared half with a friend, wasn’t as strong as expected, lasted a few hours. Recommend eating a whole cookie if you’re experienced.

  18. James

    For the price & how soft that cookie was, got me feeling pretty good! Next time I think I’ll buy two! I think that would mess you up the most for your buck!

  19. Spacepirate23

    Ate this and one hour later I was asleep lol so it was pretty nice I must say, will buy again

  20. James

    Theres somethingv in there cause they are only 40mg & I can feel this & the Reese more than 300mg gummys!?!

  21. cheesypoofz

    These were good, I’d buy again.

  22. nickymouse

    Very delicious. Can’t go wrong with this cookie!

  23. James

    Pretty good deal! I feel it more than 100mg gummy!

  24. SoaringSmoke

    Tasty cookie, can barely taste the weed. I don’t do edibles too often so it got me to a decent level of high, even though I smoke very often.

  25. somedudeinottawa

    Not sure if the one we got was incorrectly dosed or we both had a weird reaction to it.

    The high got way, way out of control and lasted for 6 or so hours – and this was split between two people.

    Curious what strains go into it, since maybe it was due to that but it seemed exponentially stronger than anything we’ve had before. Yikes!

  26. VapeNadi

    Very tasty cookie. Eat half of it before yoga class. Best class EVER. It gave me the perfect level of relaxation without being knocked out. Balanced AF.

  27. HashBandicoot

    The cookie itself was moist and chocolaty and like other reviews stated, the effects weren’t as pronounced as a heavy smoke. But it was still a nice buzz with a tasty way to get there and a great addition to a nice smoke as well.

  28. bookerg

    The higher your tolerance, the less you’ll feel the effects. That said, if you’re not an everyday smoker, you’ll enjoy the cookie just fine.

  29. James

    For only 30mg I didn’t think it would do anything especially when eating it, you can’t taste the Cannabis at all! However if your a heavy smoker like me! You won’t quite feel it you puff a bit as well! No

  30. whtieboy

    Strongest weed cookie I have tried

  31. Quinn

    I liked the taste of this cookie. No weed taste.

  32. JensonRong

    Delicious! I ate it with milk. Very potent cookie

  33. Corey

    Best 6$ ? Ever!

  34. julie

    Fresh and super tasty treat, good value.

  35. Cindy

    Taste great and good for people who have a low tolerance to edibles

  36. greekfreak

    Nice cheap edible. Gets the job done

  37. lisa_gummers

    Just the right amount to get you going for a couple of hours. Feels good

  38. TLC

    Cant go wrong. 6bux, def worth it lol

  39. mcmuffin

    Very good for novice edible users. Not too strong but it will give a good kick regardless

  40. jql

    Half of this made me the highest I’ve ever been. Doesn’t seem to reflect the dosage of the other edibles I’ve had so I guess I just had a strong batch.

  41. mary_jane

    Very light edible. Good for beginners

  42. trigga

    Took this edible 2hours ago and its making me feeling pretty good right now

  43. matsmarty

    Cute little treat. Cheap too. Got a nice buzz from it. Recommend it for beginner edible users

  44. darwin

    Tastes good and the experience was pleasantly satisfying.

  45. daletech

    Theses are definitely the best tasting and most potent weed cookies

  46. penny_hardaway

    Great product

  47. Bakeddaze

    Great taste. I personally loved these. Couldn’t taste any cannabis what so ever. These cookies are a great pick me up 🙂 I ordered 2 and did not regret it !

  48. vinturi

    They taste great but I found their potency a little hit or miss

  49. lowryraps

    The product is alright. Great for beginners, the taste is excellent

  50. summit

    definitely a favorite of mine….

  51. liztee

    First time ordering this and I am very happy with them. They taste good and leave almost no after taste unlike the BHO bots candy.

  52. xo_sandy

    Great edible to try out if your looking for something more controllable.

  53. sprucethemoose

    super tasty! recommend for any big chocolate lovers

  54. benthebeanman

    This product is very relaxing. Most importantly, my ability to focus stays maintained1

  55. medusaheadonme

    pop this in the microwave for 12 seconds on high, and you got yourself a bomb ass cookie. it softens the cookie and slightly melts the chocolate. Thank me later!

  56. hightilidie

    need to consume the whole bag if you want to feel the full effects. tastes good, but not the best if for medicinal use

  57. aleah

    Fantastic taste. Quality ingredients and i love eating those cookies in the morning .

  58. witchuncks

    i got this item when it was on sale and the taste it’s right on point. wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between this and mom’s. mild strength so don’t expect a party from eating a pack. good for a light buzz and relaxing.

  59. gilllizards

    is there even weed in this or some magical spell? can’t taste the weed but it gets me high to hell. loving it.

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