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Critique is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain 50/50 with unknown parentage due to a general lack of information about its background. However, it is thought to descend from OG Kush and another well-balanced hybrid strain. This bud has a sweet lemony pine flavor with a rich spicy herbal exhale. The aroma is very earthy and skunky with a lemony pine overtone that turns spicy and herbal as the nugs are broken apart and burned. Critique buds have fluffy grape-shaped bright neon green nugs with vibrant orange hairs and a coating of golden amber crystal trichomes. The Critique high has classic balanced-hybrid effects that hit both mind and body with a high potency level thanks to its 22-25% average THC level. You’ll feel an influx of creative euphoria at the onset of the high that quickly turns to a deep-felt sense of relaxation. Your body will begin to follow your mental state, leaving you totally couch-locked and at ease, but incredibly happy about it. With these effects and its super high THC level, Critique is said to be perfect for treating a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, depression, chronic stress, arthritis, and muscle spasms or cramps.


This beautiful batch of Citrique smalls comes from a high quality AAA stock. It has an amazing citruis nose with high quality flavour and effects. If size of your bud is not a concern and you just want a really good smoke then this stock is priced to go!


All photo’s are taken in-house and are a 100% accurate representation of this stock.

*Please note that these are the smalls from a higher tier stock and because the buds are small in size there is little stem or shake and what you’re left with is a great smoke.

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