Cherry Cola Bottles 200mg THC (Custom 420)

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The same deliciousness just medicated for your healing pleasures. Cherry Cola Bottles come loaded with THC to fix that sweet tooth craving and achy back.

Dose: 20mg THC per Gummy x 10 = 200mg per pack

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Cherry Cola Bottles 200mg THC (Custom 420)

The same deliciousness just medicated for your healing pleasures.Cherry Cola Bottles come loaded with THC to fix that sweet tooth craving and achy back.

Dose: 20mg THC per Gummy x 10 = 200mg per pack

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36 reviews for Cherry Cola Bottles 200mg THC (Custom 420)

  1. cdath1987

    perfect dosage for me at the best price of all their edibles. These and the Gummy dice by S.e.C are my favourites

  2. spaceoddity

    Love ordering with herb approach, and loved these gummies! Super delicious, and made for a hella relaxing day off.

  3. Valerie41

    I’m don’t indulge often so two candies were more than enough for me. They flavor was fantastic.

  4. goodhew.michael

    Good price delisious gummies

  5. buickskylark1969

    Love it!

  6. davidjharned

    Always quality edibles from custom 420. Loved these!

  7. taylorhermanus01

    I really do enjoy every candy from this company. The taste is GREAT, like 0 cannabis flavor and at 200mg for $12 you really do get a good bang for your buck.

  8. PhantomChron

    Love the taste of all the custom 420 gummies. Great buzz great taste what more could you want.

  9. McQuick

    These are luxuriously heavenly treats and a great bang for your buck for how tasty and perfectly medicated they are!

  10. jkaztak

    Decent taste. Got a really nice buzz after eating 1 and smoking the Free pre-rolled sativa joint.

  11. joshmcleod123

    taste is great and high is nice as well. I have one everyday after work.

  12. katol87

    Tasted good, not too strong

  13. Daryl

    Alot better than the mota coke bottles

  14. Mikepg98

    Awesome, can’t wait to pick up some more

  15. Markdv3

    Good high! Tastes not so good

  16. desphinx

    Good price! Potency was there for me. 2 – 3 pieces would get you feeling good & relaxed for the night.

  17. badboy_jimmy

    perfect for parties with friends , decent high !

  18. jazzmine.coulombe

    These were my least favourite of the 3 that i bought (coke bottles, watermelon, and sour keys). The taste was just okay, and the quality seemed to get worse as days went by. I would probably still eat them again tho.

  19. mountainmomma

    Perfectly discreet for any occasion

  20. Laur

    Yummy and, for the price, they’re great. Great for a work day when you want to keep things low key. I also agree they are a great intro product for people. I’ll buy again.

  21. kara.shar

    Super tasty and not too strong, which is what I was looking for.

  22. cdath1987

    got a 2nd batch that wasn’t as strong as the last. Trying a 3rd to see how they are

  23. corymacleod

    Not strong at all

  24. vlucas2008

    Really good.. first time trying edibles and these are really great

  25. Herbk

    Awesome smell proof packaging. Quality product. Taste great. 1 gummy 2-3 times a day works great for me.

  26. spypy

    Honestly for the price they are well worth it , in comparison to more expensive brands with less gummies and thc

  27. JK

    Great for dosing throughout the day

  28. metal204

    Taste was fine, like others had said not strong at all.

  29. Cherman

    Great taste but not as strong as I thought. Had to consume multiple just like the other kinds. Great for sharing and introducing friends to edibles.

  30. ddevina

    Had to consume several (like half the bag) before I felt anything and it was weak. Disappointed.

  31. nperrot

    Love the taste

  32. Frankie_27

    These are awesome! Taste just like the real things !

  33. 00das00

    Favourite flavour here

  34. cdath1987

    Just grabbed another one and some gummy worms.. Those 2 always seem to be the most potent. The peaches and watermelons I find to be a hit or miss lately from this brand, but the Cola, Worms, Keys and mix bag always do the trick. BEST PRICE PER MG on the site as well. I always order at least 3-5

  35. CheifyChieferton

    Best deal for gummies. Great for sleeplessness and getting a full nights sleep. Have had to eat 2 at least

  36. Erickmxkay

    Bigger than store Cola bottles! Really tasty

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