Arthritis Balm (Cannalife)

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Our arthritis balm is deep penetrating and heat activating providing immediate relief to pain and inflammation. Combines the potent synergy of cannabis sativa, comfrey and nettle plant medicine.

$8 – 7.5ml

$30 – 30ml

$50 – 60ml

$55 – 70ml Stick

$70 – 120ml

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Arthritis Balm (Cannalife)

Cannalife Botanicals are Premium cannabis infused, all natural remedy products designed to provide deep pain relief and healing for MMPR patients. Made with love in B.C. Don’t fill your body with unnecessary chemicals and products, take the natural route to a healthy lifestyle!

Our Cannalife arthritis balm is deep penetrating and heat activating providing immediate relief to pain and inflammation. Combines the potent synergy of cannabis sativa, comfrey and nettle plant medicine. Effects: Uplifting, euphoric, relaxing Helps to: Alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and is very effective as a muscle relaxant Great for: Inflammation, Arthritis, Aches and pains, Tissue and nerve damage Ingredients: Cannabis and nettle infused olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, comfrey oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and cedar wood.

Lab Tested (THC per unit):
10ml stick: 30mg
30ml:  83mg
60ml: 166mg
70ml stick: 194mg
120ml: 332mg

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45 reviews for Arthritis Balm (Cannalife)

  1. contininick84

    Purchased for my mother, who has arthritis in her hand. She said it works great is pain free when she uses it!

  2. alexrobertson

    Combined mine with AF3F

  3. ice_princess36

    Bought the 70ml stick, I combine this with the muscle rub for pain relief, I love it works better than anything iv ever used, will buy again.

  4. karinesweet84.ks

    70ML stick. Got it for a friend. She says it works good. So will be getting for myself next order !!!!

  5. Thunderbuddy

    Fast acting relief

  6. Markdv3

    Bought for my elderly neighbor, she now swears by this product

  7. justinpires1

    Amazing product

  8. mel.101

    The balm is really fast on achy joints.

  9. vl13elsalvador

    Works great

  10. vl13elsalvador

    Thank God for Herb Approach !


    works great. I’m never going back to pharma stuff. Thanks HA

  12. justinpires1

    This stuff works very well on my hands

  13. harris.april330

    Works great for strained muscles. Use it lots for my pulled back muscles. Good smell to it. Ordered the 70ml stick for easier travel. But both work great.

  14. tammybocek

    Excellent product and it works. Nice scent and texture. I recommend it to all my friends and family.

  15. cdath1987

    Ordered this for me and a person with bad arthritis. They swear by this stuff as well as some of the friends he has shared it with. He prefers the 70ml stick. They all obviously work.

  16. Jb1007

    Bought this more for sports. Before playing soccer I put this on my legs and it feels like it just wakens everything up and feels loose. Afterward it’s a great soother. Awesome product.

  17. Emmyg

    Brilliant product, great gift!

  18. Bengibob

    This salve has a very pleasant smell. Starts off warm on the skin and then becomes cool. Works well on the joints to reduce the pain. I prefer to use this with other kinds of marijuana.

  19. Aj3000

    Im going to try this on my back and see how it does.

  20. Seanripco

    My dad loves it uses it every day

  21. Mistellma

    I rated 5 for my mother in law. I purchased it for me, however I did not feel it helped me after trying it. However, I passed it on to my mother in law who has fibromyalgia and she absolutely loved it. She said it worked for her. Worth trying for fibro. This brand is great. I also received a free lip balm and can’t get enough of it!

  22. kL0ud42O

    Gave this to my parents. Seems to work as well as some prescribed creams.

  23. ryanm3646

    Great product. Works well on knee pain. Would recommend.

  24. aaron

    This stuff really helps me with my wrist pain from sitting at the computer for too long. Works right away after application as you can feel the pain diminishing right away.

  25. Geeforce

    Worked almost instantly.

  26. Staylifted21

    I ordered this arthritis balm but i received the slave by mistake. No worries though as herb approach went above and beyond in their customer service to fix the mistake! As for the salve: it’s wonderful for everything from sunburns to arthritis pain. I look forward to trying this balm when i run out!

  27. alec

    Great for pain relief.

  28. bigbum

    An immediate soothing feel to it right after application

  29. la_flem

    Works excellent for my pain and body inflammation

  30. alanwalker

    Works well

  31. paul_george

    Was pretty good. Works well

  32. guwop

    Very powerful stuff

  33. torontogoofs

    Immediate relief my pain and inflammation. Love this balm 100%

  34. pillypete

    Eased the pain and inflammation very efficiently.

  35. miss60

    Worked immediately after i applied it. Good stuff

  36. bluelabel

    Great product! very powerful stuff

  37. sparkitup

    Really good for pain relief

  38. getlitty

    This is a amazing medicinal product that serves a very specific purpose!

  39. rondarkasian

    It’s all about the pain relief, anti-inflammation, love it!

  40. nathanfleming

    One of the best balms I used, very effective just a little of it and it works miraculously ….

  41. paris987

    One of the best balm that i used, very natural and effective!…

  42. yimmy

    Pretty good formula used to treat inflammation. Has a nice tingling effect.

  43. ChumanW

    Good price for the product. Not the best product for inflammation, but it does work and the price is good. There’s always tiger balm, but i mean if you don’t want to smell like chinatown this would be good too

  44. TWilkins00

    My mother loves this stuff. it helps with her joint pains. she doesn’t smoke so this is actually a great product for her. It works miraculously . Thanks!

  45. hoetime49er

    this stuff works really well for inflammation and joint pain. you can almost feel it instantly, but it needs to be applied often.

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