Advertising Cannabis In Canada

Advertising Cannabis Businesses In Canada, is not easy!

Advertise Cannabis In Canada

Advertising Cannabis Businesses In Canada is not easy. After successful legalization of Cannabis in Canada for recreational use advertising of Cannabis in Canada remains one of the puzzles to be solved since the introduction of strict cannabis advertising guidelines in Canada.

The famous Canada Cannabis Act encompasses a list of prohibitions related to cannabis advertisement in Canada. The cannabis act bar any advertising or any sort of promotion of cannabis, cannabis accessories and related services. In addition, it prohibits selling cannabis products with attributes, labels and packages that could be alluring to young people. Similarly, the Canada’s cannabis act prohibits cannabis advertisement by the means of an endorsement or testimonial whether communicated or just displayed.

Nevertheless, Cannabis advertising in Canada remain a tricky endeavor, it needs creativity so as to be compliant with the cannabis act guidelines. For instance, the cannabis Act forbids the advertisement of cannabis in Canada to young people through any nature of ads – so any advertisement in zones or places where under 18’s aren’t allowed can be in compliance with the Act. In a nut shell, creative advertising of cannabis in Canada should be devised which will advertise without appealing to young people or suggesting a glamorous lifestyle.

Creative Advertising For Cannabis

Advertising cannabis in Canada, has a room despite the strict measures in place, in my opinion, there are still options to consider. The use of posters, concerts and ads can be utilized in places where access is age restricted, like in bars et cetera. In addition, advertisements of cannabis can be done in websites which offers related product or services or require age limit for its users. In conclusion cannabis advertising in Canada can be done effectively and in compliance with the Canada cannabis act and without alluring the young healthy people of Canada into marijuana usage.   


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